You've found something that you're interested in, and now you want to know everything you possibly can about it. Don't worry we've all been there before, and we've definitely been there when it comes to airsoft. So check the rest of the site out and then jump on facebook. Tons of info out there, but its up to you to get it.


So you got your gear and know the basics of play. Now its time to step it up and start working on tactics, and not just being a running target. Well check this info out. If you find it half as informative as we did your in good shape to lay a serious smack down at your next engagement.


Were always looking for articles and pages with great information to keep on the cutting edge of game play. Here is a great link that gives the basics of CQB, and how it can make the difference between winning and eating a mask full of BB's.


Welcome to the Santa Cruz Airsoft Militia


Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.

-George Patton


What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a modern combat sport or recreational hobby in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched from a compressed-air gun (or airsoft gun) powered by gas, manual spring-load, or an electrically powered gearbox.

Airsoft participants organize meetings, either indoors or outdoors, at dedicated airsoft battlefields to play a variety of games ranging from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, military simulations , or historical reenactments.

Combat situations on the battlefield often involve the use of common military tactics to achieve the objectives set in each game. Participants typically use varying types of weaponry designed as replicas of real firearms, tactical gear, and accessories used by modern military and police organizations.



I am a soldier, I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight.

-George Patton


Why do we play ?

I'll start with teamwork. If you think you are Rambo , and try to lone wolf it without any communication to your team, you will most likely die, and die fast at that. Many games and operations are based at least loosely on possible real life military situations.

You must act like an actual military group to succeed. This means that communication teamwork, and a sense of working for the GROUP and not YOURSELF are absolutely neccasary to acheive your objectives.

Another thing you will learn on the airsoft field is that you must really think about you actions before you rush headlong into a fray. Granted, there may well be times when you have little option but to rely on your instincts, but I can assure you those times will be the lesser.

Stop, take your time, and outsmart your enemy. Anyone can rush headlong in on a suicicde run (and concidering your not gonna die from getting shot, it really makes you look more stupid and less couragous), but it takes a real tactician to make the enemy run a suicide run to you.

Another thing you will is that you need to forget what you saw in all those big budget hollywood movies. Forget them long before you ever hit the field if you want to save yourself a lot of headache. What you will find out is that most of those hollywood directors know even less than you do, and those tactics displayed a thousand times over in movies are just so much B.S.

Airsoft can also teach you control and discipline. The first time you spend many long painful minutes crawling on your belly through dirt, pine cones, pine needles, and sharp rocks only to jump the gun and give your position away without a single enemy, will most likely be your last also. Take your time, know your shot, and have a clear line of escape open in case the you know what hits the proverbial fan.

The last lesson I want to touch on is probably the most important. Being on the same field every weekend, with the same folks, winning and loosing respectivley, will teach a good life lesson. You will learn that you can be competitive, and agressive on the field; but you never take it back off.

I have shot many a person up (and vice versa) and then walked off the field laughing and chatting about what we did right or wrong in that situation. Play with good folks long enough and you will learn perhaps the best lessons of all; there is a time and place for everything, and just because you CAN do something,doesnt mean you SHOULD.

Now go sling some plastic at each other already!

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